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For renting machinery and equipment it is necessary to present a power of attorney, in case the application is signed by a person who is not entered in the commercial register of the company's business. If there are no other preconditions between ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES Ltd. and the lessee company, then each lessee is obliged to pay a deposit of 30% of the value of the instrument as new, and this deposit is returned after returning the leased instrument in good condition. and the completed form as received.

The instrument is accepted by a trained tenant or a proxy from a warehouse of ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES Ltd.. The term for rent starts from the day for which the contract is concluded and ends on the day when it is returned by the tenant of “ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES” Ltd. The delivery of the machine is at the expense of the tenant. Upon receipt, the tenant checks the equipment and serviceability of the machine. Upon finding incompleteness and malfunctions, the tenant immediately makes a complaint. The amounts due for rent, shortages, repairs, cleaning, etc. are deducted from the guarantee.

An application for rent, respectively extension of the lease term, is made no later than 3 days before the expiration of the agreed term. Otherwise the contract is considered terminated and the tenant is obliged to return the machine.

The lessee undertakes to take care of the machine as a good owner, to use it as intended, following exactly the instructions for service and maintenance. In case damages occur during the rental period, they are removed only by ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES Ltd., at the expense of the tenant. All costs for operation, maintenance, including spare and wear parts are at the expense of the tenant.

Any claims by the lessee regarding changes in the lease agreement after its signing, as well as discounts on prices, unilateral termination of the contract by the lessee, as well as claims for damages of any kind, claims for compensation for damages arising directly from the malfunction of the rented property or claims for lost profits, e.g. lack of adequate water, electricity, cold, holidays, etc. similar.

The rented machine is returned in good working order. The costs for possible commissioning of the machine and / or for its cleaning are recorded upon receipt and are borne by the lessee.

The lessee declares the address where the machine will be used, for which he signs a protocol between the lessee and ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES Ltd.. Change of its location can be done only by written agreement with ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES Ltd.. It is not allowed without coordination with ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES ”Ltd. to transfer the rented items for use or storage by third parties.

The lessee undertakes to protect the leased property from encroachment by third parties and to immediately notify ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES Ltd. of enforcement actions taken by the judicial authorities against the lessee. All costs of ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES Ltd. to preserve their right of ownership over the leased property during the lease period are borne by the lessee. The Lessee bears all risks in case of damage or theft of the rented property, for which he immediately notifies ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES Ltf.. If the rented property is lost or damaged to the point of inability to be repaired to the extent in which it is rented out, the renter pays the full value of the machinery and equipment fixed in the RENTAL AGREEMENT signed between the two parties.

ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES Ltd. or persons authorized by it have the right to check the condition of the rented property.

ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES EOOD has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract if it finds that the tenant does not comply with the terms of the contract or the tenant delays payment, and without notice ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES Ltd. may take the leased property, whereby the lessee full and immediate assistance for return and rented property. In case of unwillingness on the part of the lessee to return the machine and not provide full assistance for its collection by ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES EOOD, the lessee owes all costs for its forced seizure and rent for the period until the return of the machine, regardless of how long he used the rented product.

The provisions of the current civil legislation shall apply to all issues not settled in the lease contract. In case of legal incompatibility of some clauses of the contract, the other clauses remain in force. Changes to the contract are made only in writing. Verbal agreements have no legal force. These GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR RENTING MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT are entered in a Rental Agreement, which is prepared and signed in two identical copies, one for each party, together with the Handover Protocol, which is an integral part of the Rental Agreement.