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Dear Business Partners,we from the team of ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES Ltd. offer you the opportunity to work with various machines of the latest generation, for rent.

This way you solve technological problems of a temporary nature or see for yourself the capabilities of our JCB POWER TOOLS machines before making your choice to buy.

In order to rent machines, you must familiarize yourself with our GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR RENTING MACHINES AND EQUIPMENT, taking into account that you will need to sign the respective Rental Agreement with the company "ADN INSTRUMENTI I ACCESSORIES" Ltd. as if no other with you as a Lessee, the Lessee pays a guarantee to the bank account of ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES Ltd. in an amount determined by the model of the instrument, which is returned after returning the rented property in good condition and complete, as it was received.

Sample Offer

Cordless Impactless Impact Screwdriver

Torque, Max Torque: 65 Nm

Price excl. VAT: BGN 45.00

Price incl. VAT: BGN 54.00

Availability: In stock

Brand: JCB

Model: JCB-18BLCD-B-E


Price excl. VAT:

24 hours

45 лв.

More than 24 hours*

35 лв.


65 лв.

10 days

150 лв.

20 days

230 лв.

30 days

320 лв.












Your advantages if you prefer the JCB Power Tools machines for rent from ADN INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES Ltd.:

JCB Power Tools rental machines are new or demo machines, serviced and serviced in the official service of the JCB Power Tools brand.

At any time you can get a consultation or demonstration or the opportunity to test any machine before buying or renting a machine with the brand JCB Power Tools.

All JCB Power Tools rental machines are available to customers with new or guaranteed consumables.

When handing over your JCB Power Tools for repair to our service center (regardless of the brand of the machine left for repair), you have the opportunity to hire a replacement JCB Power Tools machine.