The world-famous JCB GT was today crowned the fastest backhoe loader on the planet after reaching speeds in Australia of over 70 miles per hour. (116.82 km / h).

The JCB GT - originally designed to perform high-speed demonstration events at racing events - experimented with independent record-keeping institutions in Bathurst, near Sydney.

Today, the Guinness World Records confirmed that the powerful JCB excavator is officially the fastest backhoe loader in the world at a speed of 72.58 mph (116.82 km / h).

JCB demonstration leader Matthew Lucas - nicknamed "The Dig" during the experiment - was the man to steer the JCB GT to his world record title.

 Matthew, 43, of Verrington, Stoke of Trent, said: "It was great to be in such an exciting project and a real honor to be behind the wheel when we set the record."